Return of the absent student

I had completely neglected this blog. And for my followers I am terribly sorry.

So now I’m slinking back like a disgraceful boyfriend or girlfriend whose cheated on their partner in some vain hope of reconciliation, except I don’t cheat.  And I promise that I never will.

So what’s happened during my absence. Well.. 

I finished my first year at uni. I feel awful about this because I was supposed to write about my experiences on here for all to read and maybe laugh at.

I met some wonderful people.

Made loads of friends.

And got horrifically drunk. Numerous times, in true Fresher style.

So to make up for my neglect, I will be updating this regularly. It helps to get my thoughts out and to remember all the good times. And bad.

I hope you will all forgive me for my absence I had been so caught up in the whirlwind of uni I forgot to share it on here, and as luck would have it, I’m back at uni for my second year, wahey!

So anticipate my next post about my first freshers night which took place last night at a houseparty, shenanigans abound. Until then.

Much love, my lovelies


It’s been a while…

I apologise to my blog readers about my absence, it’s been a busy Christmas and new year for me, to whoever thought that it’s okay to make me choreography a solo dance routine, present a seminar, choreograph a group piece and write a 2500 word essay, I bloody love you.

Now it’s the second term of Uni and I have loads planned, namely for my quest to climb mount kilimanjaro, so far. I have raised just over £160, and I’m still a long way to go, so this April I will be shaving my hair. Yep you’ve read it write, I’ll be shaving my hair for the meningitis research foundation during a live dance ensemble performance will post more about this as the date gets nearer.

So far everything’s okay as far as Uni is concerned, unfortunately as I’m writing this I am suffering from a particularly annoying case of Labyrinthitis which is giving me a bad case of vertigo, boooooo!

Until next time my lovelies


NanoWriMo 2013

I’m pretty chuffed to admit that in 2012 I managed to write 50,000 words in a month, which is no small feat. It’s strange to think how quick the year has gone. Last year I didn’t make it to uni and ended up doing Hairdressing instead which was something I didn’t want to do. I was pretty downbeat, until I discovered NanoWriMo.

It was a literal last minute decision to take part, and I was glad that I did. It was difficult to write 1,500 words a night for a whole month, writers block threatening to ruin all attempts. But I managed in the end to keep going, by the end of that November I won the challenge with fifty thousand words

So without further ado I’ve decided to do it again, maybe try and write more than fifty thousand words, but who knows. As long as I’ve wrote that minimum I’m happy. I’m even considering doing a sponsored Nanowrimo for my Kilimanjaro trip where I’m raising money for the Meningitis Research Foundation.

And for those who have forgotten, the links here:

Anyway without much ado, I need to start planning my novel for November.

Ta rah my lovelies


To Trek Mount Kilimanjaro…

One of my childhood dreams was to climb a mountain, so when this opportunity popped up in Uni, I couldn’t turn it away. Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa, it’s a challenge for anyone to trek it. Today I signed up to trek Mount Kili, but that’s not the only challenge I face,in order to do so I need to raise a minimum of £2850 for a charity and I have chosen the Meningitis Research Foundation.

Meningitis Research Foundation estimates that there are around 3,400 cases of bacterial meningitis and septicaemia every year in the UK and Ireland.

This means that every day nine people become ill with the diseases.  With one in ten people dying, a death will occur almost every day. A further two people will be left with life-altering after effects as severe as brain damage, deafness and multiple amputations.

The highest burden of meningitis in the world is in the Meningitis Belt of sub-Saharan Africa, where epidemics can strike up to a quarter of a million people in a single year, with tens of thousands of deaths.

Anyone of any age can get Meningitis and Septicaemia, I’m hoping to raise £2850 for Meningitis Research Foundation to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

To donate please visit this link:

Please feel free to share this post, the more awareness is raised the better.

Thank you xx


Moved in, Freshers week and starting lectures

I haven’t posted on here in a while and for that I apologise, I’ve moved into my accommodation two weeks ago and managed to survived two weeks of Freshers, both my flatmates and course mates are really nice so it’s a relief not to feel like stranger when I moved in.

Over the past week, as part of our introductory to our course we had to come up with a dance routine as a way to get to know everyone. First two days of rehearsals were a nightmare, as I kept forgetting moves and stressing about how it was going look, as you do I suppose. In the end when it came to performing it yesterday (Friday 27th September) it went very well, albeit that I forgotten the ending so I walked around as though it were part of the routine.

We also went on a boat trip around Plymouth Hoe, which was very good. It was very windy on the sea so the boat rocked up and down causing a bit of sea sickness on board. I was quite lucky since I never get sea sick. When we stopped at Royal William Yard I went into two different art galleries with three of my course mates, one urban and the other contemporary. I enjoyed all of the art work, each were different and provided some inspiration for any dance pieces in the future.

Finally, I got familiar with the drinking game Ring of Fire, so far I haven’t got to down a dirty pint, though knowing my luck I will do soon.

Hoping everyone’s okay, I haven’t posted in a while due to a hectic two weeks. Freshers is hard work after all😉

Until next time.

Geordie Shore, TOWIE and ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother….

So I’m sat in the living room watching CBB (Celebrity Big Brother) with my own brother, and I honestly do not know what to say.

To say I’m speechless is an understatement, Charlotte is from a programme named Geordie Shore, a spin of the american Jersey Shore. Watching her little profile is just enough to put me off my dinner, apparently she was having a threesome in her room mates bed, one of them farted and she weed herself… Seriously???

To think these kind of programmes are on our TV is making me despair for humanity, sure being young and free is fun. I may be nineteen and like to let my hair down every once in a while but I’m just going full on boring, cranky granny mode. What the hell is this rubbish doing on TV?

A friend of mine insisted I watched Geordie Shore and Towie, and both seem to run in the same format, girls getting ‘fingered’, guys getting wasted and various sexual liaisons. No wonder we’re going down the pan as society where people my age and young think it’s morally acceptable to whore themselves in public, I sincerely hope I’m not the only young person who hates these ‘shows’ with a passion.

I think I should just resume my knitting…


*P.s At least I’m not bringing the TV with me to Uni, thank god.

Counting down the days. Yikes!

It’s just over a week and then I’ll be out of the house and on my own at Uni. The prospect is quite daunting and whilst my parents are nervous I’m more excited than nervous. I think the nerves won’t kick in until I’m there.

In the meanwhile I’ve been busy packing and unpacking, cleaning and ironing and sorting out paperwork. It’s a pain in the backside but it needs to be done. As well as getting organised I’ve been thinking of how I’m going to earn income, getting a job is the obvious choice, but that is easier said than done as my previous experience taught me. Every job I’ve applied for have mostly rejected me the moment my CV goes through their inbox.

Then I’ve been thinking about making friends and getting on with my new room mates, so far I have been in contact with two and both seem nice. To think I’d be sharing a flat with people I’ve never met before is quite nerve-racking and I sincerely hope I can keep my bad habits at bay.

Only time will tell I guess.

Paranoid Mother Syndrome

The title of this blog pretty much explains it all… 

I absolutely love my mum, she’s like a best friend, someone I can talk to, someone who has raised me up on her own when I was one, before she lived with my present dad (not biological).

I understand, since I’m going to university in September that, yes, she’s going to miss me something terrible. She’s going to be constantly worrying about me, phoning me every five minutes (not literally but you know what I mean).

The one thing my mum is mainly worried about is of course, whether I would actually make friends. I’m a slightly introverted person and have never really done well socially, especially at school where I was picked on, a lot. I have friends who I adore but, well, sometimes I just prefer to sit in my room and listen to music. I promised her loads of times that, whilst I do this at home, I certainly will not be doing it at Uni. I vow to at least socialise with my room mates and class mates.

So if mother dearest asks, just show her this post so she sees this promise in writing, not just before her but before you guys as well.

Peace out.

And here I go again

I just seem to have a thing for creating new WordPress blogs, unfortunately my last site just didn’t feel right. I need to cut out my addiction of starting anew.

Anyway, I’m starting University in September (keeping to the them of starting anew) and I honestly can’t wait, whilst my parents are nervous for me as you can imagine, I’m more excited if anything. So this is pretty much what my blog is going to be about, my life as a student. Hopefully I won’t have too many embarrassingly drunk pictures on here. Yikes!

Now, time to get everything ready, I move down in a few weeks. Not nervous at all…